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ARRI's extensive range of lighting products offers an abundance of creative lighting solutions. ARRI lights are put to use across the world on feature film and TV productions, in TV studios, at major sporting events and for industrial applications.

Application Areas

Over the course of its 90+ year history, ARRI has developed expertise in offering lighting products that can be used for a variety of applications. Along with the location lighting market, ARRI has become very successful in the studio, theatre and event lighting businesses, as well as in photographic and industrial lighting such as solar simulation or crash test lighting.




With over 90 years of experience in the professional motion picture industry, ARRI has developed an extensive range of high quality lighting products that offer almost limitless creative lighting solutions.

Cutting-edge fixtures such as the ARRISUN 40/25 and the Compact 1200 confirm ARRI's position at the head of the field, though ARRI engineers continue to explore innovative new technologies to drive the product line forward.



ARRI studio fixtures are designed to ideally suit the special requirements of television studios.

The ARRI Lighting Solutions project team have gained an international reputation for providing high concept systems to the TV and film studio market.

Their services range from simple setups to complete turnkey solutions combining professional advice, product sales, installation, 3D simulations, training and after sales support.

ARRI also offers effective and durable lighting equipment for reporting and ENG applications



Combining the lighting product portfolio of ARRI with specific project know-how, ARRI offers solutions for the broadcast market worldwide.

ARRI provides and supervises studio and other lighting projects with innovative solutions on very favourable terms, that mainly are the engineering and designing of lighting equipment from simple applications to complete turnkey solutions, from small news studios of 20-50 sqm, requiring more basic pole operated systems to custom designed sophisticated automized systems essential to large scale production studios up to 2000-3000 sqm.

The portfolio covers the supply of products, installation, consultancy, service, 3D simulation, training and after sales service. At the heart of the studio lighting packages is the highly desirable range of ARRI lighting fixtures setting professional standards expected from a world class company.

This is complimented by a comprehensive range of world standard studio lighting suspension, control and dimmer systems to provide the customer with a wide choice of quality engineered products for all styles of studio projects.



The ARRI lighting range is ideal for all manner of professional functions, be they trade shows, exhibitions or product presentations.

ARRI lampheads, in combination with intelligent ARRI ballast and cable systems, provide the highest light output together with superb colour rendering for perfect illumination of product displays.

With over 80 years of experience, ARRI can offer the best possible solution for any professional lighting requirement and any imaginable type of event.



ARRI is pushing the boundaries of high quality lighting equipment with its range of fixtures designed for use in theatres.

Experience and unrivalled expertise have resulted in Fresnel fixtures free from spill light and resistant to high temperatures.

By introducing daylight to theatre lighting, ARRI has influenced creative lighting design and is today the leading manufacturer of daylight lighting worldwide. In the realm of tungsten lighting ARRI also leads the field.



Professional photographers have a long tradition of benefiting from lighting equipment designed for the film and television industry.

Continuous lamps allow accurate assessment of light and shadow, and the sheer variety of available fixtures means they can be used for almost any setup.

ARRI's wide range of continuous lamps meets the particularly demanding requirements of photographic lighting and can be used for fashion, advertising, still-life or lifestyle photography, as well as for film and TV productions.



The combination of high power lighting with reliable, modular electronic ballasts is ideal for any testing application.

Specially developed ballast technology delivers stable, flicker-free light for digital high speed recording or solar simulation.

When extreme light output is required, boost ballast technology doubles the light output of lamps for up to 20 seconds.

ARRI has trained and experienced staff to deliver custom solutions for each project, including system installation and integration with industrial control systems.