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    For broadcasting and professional use.
    Maxell Betacam SP takes on any taping task with "Ceramic Armor" Metal particle technology - producing phenomenal picture clarity and ultra high reliability.
    High output characteristics over a wide frequency range ensure high-fidelity video and audio performance that makes Maxell Betacam SP perfect for master tape applications.





    4:2:2 Component digital recording.
    Betacam SX achieves 4:2:2 component digital recording and backward capabilities with Betacam/Betacam SP, also providing high interface ability with non-linear editing systems and video servers.
    It is gaining industry-wide attention as thenext generation ENG and production system.
    Maxell has employed its highly reliable tapeproduction technologies and highly accurate cassette mechanism in the development of Betacam SP and Digital Betacam, and has now capitalized on those technologies in the developement of Betacam SX, a superior product unsurpassed in its reliability for ENG/EFPoperations under various environmental conditions.



    The future is here.
    Meet the future of high density component recording with Maxell's "Digital Betacam" videocassette.
    Maxell combined exclusive metal tape technology with an advanced cassette mechanism to create the extra low error rate "Digital Betacam".
    This new video cassette is ideal for all types of professional applications: ENG/EFP, editing, transmission and post-archival playback.





    Professional DV Master
    With the introduction of a new robust lubricant and a diamond like carbon (DLC) film with extra thickness and smooth tape surface, the durability of the tape is dramatically increased in various environments.
    Therefore stringent repetitive situations such as high-speed playback,editing and rewinding will operate seamless.
    Smooth tape surface allows an improved short wavelength output, decreased noise and minimised spacing loss with the video head.
    With DVPRO for DV and HDV high output is also achieved together with high magnetic density of advanced metal evaporation that ensures long-term reliability and excellent lubricating performance, which even after repeated use maintains a low error rate.
    In addition to this, Maxell's dry lubricant not only helps to prevent headwear, but also prevents head clogs and significantly extends head life.
    Maxell Professional DV is a superior product unsurpassed in its reliability for ENG/EFP and a wide range of other demanding operations under various environmental conditions.




    High-precision stamper
    The wobbled groove track patterns on the disc surface are formed in the process of molding melted polycarbonate resin on a metal plate stamper. These patterns are highly dependent on the stamper's nanometer-level smoothness and precision.
    For Blu-ray Discs, precise grooves are required as low as a track pitch of only 0.32 μm, less than half that of DVD-R's 0.74 μm.
    Maxell's high-precision Blu-ray Disc stamper was developed with Maxell's next generation mastering technology acquired over many years of optical disc R&D.
    New inorganic recording material for BD-R, and phase-change recording material for BD-RE Maxell Blu-ray Discs incorporate newly developed inorganic recording material for BD-R and phase-change recording material for BD-RE, making high-density data recording possible by a blue-violet laser.

    These materials have realized long archival life and reliable playback performance of both single-layer and dual-layer discs. 0.1mm-thick cover layer The Blu-ray Disc's high-density recording and playback capacities are realized by utilizing the blue-violet laser's 405 nm short wavelength and focusing the laser beam through the large numerical aperture (NA=0.85) lens to minimize the laser spot.

    In order to avoid data errors caused by the tilt of a disc, the Blu-ray Disc features a special structure. Unlike conventional DVDs, which have two 0.6 mm-thick discs bonded together, the surface of the Blu-ray Disc's recording layer is formed by 0.1 mm-thick light transmission protective layer coating.

    Maxell's high-density data reading and writing are implemented by using a substrate with a thin cover layer coating produced through an ultra-fine manufacturing process.
    The thin cover layer works to protect the disc's surface against scratches, as well as dust and dirt that could damage the disc.




    Maxell's new "B-HD" series, (124 minute maximum recording time) 1/2" metal particulate tape cassette, incorporate Super fine Ceramic Armor metal particles (0.1 micron size) to archive an exceptional output level and surpass the low noise requirements of HDCAM's 7-to-1 compression algorithm.
    Utilizing Maxell's superior Ultra-High performance binder systems, the new "B-HD" series cassette achieve the exceptional durability essential to resilience in the volatile environments of outdoor shoots, while exceeding the compulsory storage performance demands of long term archives.





    The MPEG-IMX format achieves 4:2:2 component digital recording, offering superior quality at 50Mbps and backward read compatibility with both Betacam SP and Digital Betacam formats.
    MPEG-IMX is based on the same technologies currently used by Maxell for Digital Betacam and Betacam SP products.
    Maxell MPEG-IMX tapes exhibit low error rates, superior durability and superior reliability both for long term storage and in ENG/EFP operations under various environmental conditions.
    High output and lower noise is achieved through the use of fine metal particles and stable C/N allows lower error rates.
    Usage of Maxell's fine metal particles and our specially formulated binder systems allows long-term durability even when the tape is used in extreme ENG/EFP environment and/or demanding editing and play back modes, such as still and shuttle.
    Maxell's fine metal particles and our specially formulated binder system provide superior strength and stabilizing characteristics to protect against heat and oxidation.
    Maxell MPEG-IMX tape can therefore achieve stable reliability for long term storage.




    The Professional Disc for XDCAM advances professional digital tapeless video recording to optical laser disc using blue-violet lasers for reading and writing. With 23.3GB data capacity, a Maxell Professional Disc can hold over 65 minutes of content recorded in HD (MPEHG HD) format.

    High-precision track stamping High-density track patterns and the blue-violet laser's short wavelength of 405 nm both contribute to creating the

    Professional Disc's large storage capacity. By using a higher numerical aperture of 0.85, the laser beam can be focused much more tightly.

    This produces an extremely tiny spot on the disc, compared to that of existing CDs or DVDs. Finer tracks are thus required for the laser beam.

    To realise an ultra-low-pitch data track, Maxell employs the latest stamping instrument using a high-precision laser-cutting-control technology based on conventional DVD production technologies.

    As a result, a track pitch of a mere 0.32 μm, less than half that of DVD-R's 0.74 μm, is achieved while the fine, sharp shape of the grooves is maintained.
    2.4X recording speed

    The Maxell Professional Disc is capable of speedy 86Mbps transfer on one optical head and 172Mbps on two optical heads. Moreover, high-bit-rate recording and playback are exceptionally stable.

    Highly durable and reliable media

    The unique phase change recording layer realizes media that have both a highly durable recording surface and a very low error rate. In order to avoid data errors caused by minute disc warp, the Professional Disc adopts a special structure. The surface of the Professional Disc's recording layer is formed by a 0.1-mm-thick light transmission protective layer coating with a hard coat protecting the disc's surface against scratches, dust and fingerprints, which can damage the disc. The high density data recording capability of Maxell's Professional Disc is ensured through the use of a plate with a thin cover layer coating that itself is a product of ultra-fine processing technology. The Professional Disc also employs a high precision cartridge to protect against dust and handling errors caused by heavy use




    Maxell DVC-PRO achieves superior audio/image quality and outstanding performance across a wide range of applications: ENG, EFP, EDITING & TRANSMISSION etc.
    Many years of experience and advanced broadcast videotape technology has been used to create a durable and extremely reliable magnetic tape/mechanical performance that the DVC-PRO format demands.





    Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. has successfully developed DVCPRO XL size cassettes, which provides the greatest capacity available utilizing the DVCPRO format.
    The development of the XL size DVCPRO cassette realizes recording times of up to 126 minutes while at the same time remaining loyal to the compact DVCPRO form factor with superior handling, which is expected to become commonly used for applications such as long time program recordings and archiving.

    DVCPRO XL Main Features:-

    High precision cassette
    Maxell precision cassette technology, cultivated through years of research and development and the successful launch of many tape formats, allows for very stable tape operation, even for the DVCPRO XL size cassette which is 1.8 times the size of a DVCPRO L size cassette.
    Maxell DVCPRO XL also exhibits outstanding shock resistance and heat resistance.

    Low error rate
    Maxell's Ceramic Armor Metal Particles provide excellent magnetic energy and specialized calendering technology results in an optimum level of tape surface smoothness. This results in the achievement of high levels of output, low noise and low error rate levels due to excellent C/N.

    Superior reliability & durability
    The intensity of the magnetic layer is improved through the adoption of Ceramic Armor Metal Particles and a high durability binder system. Reliability and durability are excellent and low error rates are maintained even when operating in extreme outdoor environments, such as ENG-EFP.

    Superior storage stability characteristics
    Maxell's Ceramic Armor Metal Particles and highly efficient binder system also provide outstanding heat resistance and oxidation resistance. The long term storage characteristics of the tape ensure the preservation and stability of extended archiving.




    Maxell introduces 3 types of professional solid-state memory "P2 Cards" for Panasonic professional
    solid-state P2 memory recording systems.
    These professional "P2"solid state memory cards, along with high quality digitalization and excellent HD picture and sound, offer large capacity storage and fast file-based workflow for camera recording, non-linear editing and data transmission.
    "P2 Cards" are also resistant to impact, vibration, and environmental extremes of humidity and temperature and can be reused offering long term performance at a cost savings.

    • Large recording capacity to handle multi-applications
    • High durability and reliability in repeated usage in the harshest environments
    • Up to 30,000 cycles of repeated use
    • Resistant to vibration, shock and temperature change
    • Compatible with Panasonic "P2" recording systems




    Utilizing its high 301Mb/s data transfer rate, the D-5 1/2-inch component digital format can offer uncompressed component picture for standard-definition TV, and its 1/4 low compression rate achieves superior picture quality for high-definition TV.
    This format has become popular, especially in high-quality production and transmission processes of high-definition TV.
    Maxell has developed highly reliable D-5-compatible videocassettes featuring new Ceramic Armor Metal Particles and other Maxell unique tape technologies.

    High Output/Low Noise
    Newly developed 0.1µm-diameter fine Ceramic Armor Metal Particles enhance the tape's high magnetic energy and new calendering technology ensures tape surface smoothness for increased short-wavelength output (2dB higher than Maxell D-3) and decreased noise. High-density recording demanded for D-5 format is thereby attained.

    Fine Head Contact
    Thin, highly rigid, PEN (Polyethylene Naphthalate) is used as base film material. Even with thin tape that is just 11µm thick, superb head-to-tape contact and durability are attained, offering the same reliability as tape of standard thickness.

    Superior Tape Winding
    SW (Smooth Winding) reel with radial grooves molded on the lower reel flanges, uniform thickness coating technology and high-precision slitter technology for smooth and even tape edges minimize uneven tape winding.




    Compact, lightweight removable HDD that can withstand drops of up to 1.4 m*1
    Maxell's iVDR Xtreme employs a 2.5-inch high-capacity HDD that is more compact, lightweight and energy-efficient than a 3.5-inch HDD. Furthermore, it can resist drops of up to 1.4 m, exceeding MIL-STD*2. of 1.22 m.

    *1 Maxell test data: Maxell cannot guarantee that damage to or malfunction of the HDD will not occur when it is dropped from heights of up to 1.4 m.
    *2 Military Standard: United States Defense Standards

    High transfer rate capable of high-definition recording and editing
    The iVDR Xtreme has a serial ATA (SATA) interface suited for recording audio and video data, enabling a high transfer rate of up to 830 Mbps*3 and an optimal performance for recording and editing with high-definition quality.

    *3 When using the Maxell Adaptor (iVDR-ADP), the data transfer rate is a maximum of 480 Mbps with USB 2.0 and 800 Mbps with FireWire 800.

    Best suited for non-linear editing
    As an off-line bridge media complementing a network in non-linear editing, the iVDR Xtreme is ideally suited for dispatch, receipt and storage of editing content and data.